Fuck love, burn shit.

I Am: Producer (SoundCloud Fif-Thunder), Dreamer, Lover, Best Friend you ever found.
I Love: to be loved,to be love and sex addict, music, girls who're laid back and got heart in right place, hip hop loving girls,Hayley Williams, Aaliyah!!!! JHENE AIKO!!! Old and New Hip Hop, Money, NBA, Basketball, Beautiful town,NY, Tequila, Sun, Rain, Balcony, Respect, Honesty, My Mind, My Mother, My Best Friends to make music, alcohol and Weed.
I Hate: fake people, fake girls, fake feelings, fake souls, this fucking fake world i living, fake hip hop, yo fake shit tvlk, fake weed, if you touch my watch or glasses or me if i didnt gave u agreement to do that shit, anger, bullshit fuck or head, if we dont have a sex while raining, time wasting, to be lonely, to be I. ///
Rain taps on your window, Always did though, but you didn't hear it when things were so-so.///
"Power is always dangerous. Power attracts the worst and corrupts the best."
Edward Abbey (via kushandwizdom)
"this weekend in home at eastside yeaaaaaa"


UFN 13: Nate Diaz vs. Kurt Pellegrino

Pro stuff ova here

"… Uh, and Lord knows she’s beautiful
Lord knows the usuals leaving her body sore.."
"Is this love or not, who the fck knows"
"In my zone mind on my money like where that shit at?!
I’m all alone that’s my only hope
And be damned if I’m a chase that with some phony home
On the real, it be the ones that say we got this that you ain’t alone"
"you are the tragedy of my lifeā€¦."