Fuck love, burn shit.

I Am: Producer (SoundCloud Fif-Thunder), Dreamer, Lover, Best Friend you ever found.
I Love: to be loved,to be love and sex addict, music, girls who're laid back and got heart in right place, hip hop loving girls, Aaliyah!!!! JHENE AIKO!!! Old and New Hip Hop, Money, NBA, Basketball, Beautiful town,NY, Tequila, Sun, Rain, Balcony, Respect, Honesty, My Mind, My Mother, My Best Friends to make music, alcohol and Weed.
I Hate: fake people, fake girls, fake feelings, fake souls, this fucking fake world i living, fake hip hop, yo fake shit tvlk, fake weed, if you touch my watch or glasses or me if i didnt gave u agreement to do that shit, anger, bullshit fuck or head, if we dont have a sex while raining, time wasting, to be lonely, to be I. ///
Rain taps on your window, Always did though, but you didn't hear it when things were so-so.///
"Im gone, peace."
Kritseldatud vihik 22 (Menthol)

Borrow your heart and i’ll make it better..

Kell 19:35 ja sõiduteel (hetkel Toril)Läti, peaks tulema normaalne laager. Ma olen nädala netist eemal seega üritan kriblada midagi praegu, kirjutan blogi paberile edasi ja hiljem panen siia üles.

Palju pole jäänud aga masendus on suur ikka, pean asjad paika saama ja hirmu peitma…lihtsalt on asju mida rääkida ei saa..veel.

Away for a while so its shutdown in my blog for a while..

Soon i continue with my album and end it. This album talking 100% about me and people who involved in my life, about my love what i dont have anymore and im not sure that ever will be but…i know…

Yeah its beautiful death in my feelings but i try to get things better, i try to think positive, i try to love you….some day… Some day.